Volunteering in SEM

SEM is one of the accredited organisations of European Solidarity Corps. In the past it was called European Voluntary Service or Youth in Action. During 12 years of beeing active part of these programmes, we were hosting and sending 50 volunteers.

International volunteering in our organisation is supported by our Slovak volunteers who help us at local, regional, national and international level in our various activities and projects.

SEM as an organization is built on the work of volunteers. We have got 150 local groups with 3000 members. This work is led by 300 volunteers.



Are you...

Come join us to one of these 3 centers!

Basicaly, do you want to take a year off for GOD and serve GOD and young people in SLOVAKIA?

Regional center - Púchov

Volunteers in Púchov have two main tasks:

  • To support local youth groups in their needs (e.g. devotions, games, activities, practical help, …)
  • To be a mission worker and invite young people to church (e.g. teaching communication foreign language lessons at schools)

These activities, local groups and schools, take mostly place in Púchov and the villages Záriečie and Lazy pod Makytou.

In Zariečie, there is also a scout local group of Royal Rangers who teach children practical surviving skills and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Volunteers also join the youth groups on weekend-trips, the konfiweekendmeeting, outdoor activities like rafting, hiking or skiing or national activities like SEM-fest, Helping Hand or SEM-Conference.

In each of the events the volunteers contribute with their talents, but always have the possibility to learn new skills and try new things.

And one more aspekt: Do you have an idea of your own project? Come and see if we are able to start it in our surrounding.

Regional center - Dolný Kubín

Volunteers in Dolný Kubín are actively involved in youth work in local communities or regional clubs. Here they help with games, reflections, workshops or sporting events.

In addition, they help with the organisation of national events – the Semfest youth festival, the SEM Conference, as well as many weekend stays for teenagers and camps. Volunteers also learn how to use basic graphics programs or video editing.

Regional center - Tatry

Volunteers in Veľký Slavkov are engaged in various creative activities for children and youth in OC SEM Tatry, e.g. in the field of music, art education, sports, social and other games.

The volunteer’s own ideas are supported, such as eco-workshops, European seminars or activities for the local community “Love in Action.” They are also involved in organizing SEM activities at the national level (Confivekends, DVK, SEMfest, etc.).

Volunteers in Veľký Slavkov are encouraged to train in a field close to their own, e.g. journalism, ecology, youth education, graphic design or video production. They form part of the creative and media team working with young people in OC SEM Tatry.

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Are you Slovak?

Do you want to experience volunteering abroad?

What will u experience?

Want to know more about Slovakia?

Basic information

Slovakia (Slovak Republic) is a country in Central Europe. It is a member state of the European Union and NATO. It has an area of 49,036 km² and a population of approximately 5,449,270. It borders the Czech Republic to the northwest, Austria to the southwest, Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east, and Hungary to the south.The country is predominantly mountainous, as most of its surface is occupied by highlands. The country is also a member of the European Union. The Carpathian Mountains intervene from the north in a mighty arc, while the Pannonian Basin extends to the south. The capital is Bratislava, the official language is Slovak.

Slovak nature

Things u have to experience



  • World’s highest number of castles and chateaux per capita. …
  • More than 6000 caves. …
  • First reservation of folk architecture in the world. …
  • The only capital in the world bordering two countries. …
  • Currency = Euro (€) …
  • Geographical midpoint of Europe. …
  • Travelling by train for free.
  • Remarkably diverse nature
  • More than 1300 mineral springs
  • The highest wooden altar in the world

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